Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here are a few of Josh's senior pictures.


Anonymous said...

Why so serious?

Josh said...

I figured I'd answer your question since I am, after all, the subject here :) Graduation from high school is an exciting event, but if you're a believer in Christ, then you know that the world in which we live is filled with those who hate Christ, God's Word, and its foundational teaching. My senior pictures reflect several things for me. 1) My heritage. My pictures were taken in a church which my fore-fathers established and built, and therefore reflects the weight of responsibility in picking up the torch and carrying it to even grater heights in a new generation of my family. 2) My God-given Interest in bringing reformation to the church. The church has and is rejecting God's Word as foundational and sufficient. God has placed a burning desire within me to aid in helping the church return to that foundation. 3) I am engaging in cultural war (striving to replace man's words with God's). My pictures reflect a readiness for battle, a battle that might very well be ugly. 4) My Dependence Upon Christ. There are many other pictures that weren't shown, some depict me in a state of prayer or meditation (as seen above). This reflects my dependence upon Christ and shows my acknowledgment that apart from him there is no victory. 5) They reflect an attitude of on-going study; that I haven't learned everything there is and I never will. 6) They reflect my interest as an aspiring filmmaker (again, not all photos were shown). 7) And, of course, I have pictures with me smiling :) One is even posted. This reflects my joy and satisfaction in Christ as well as the joy which comes from being a part of my family. 8) I'm not a big fan of the “stereotype” senior photos which have this air about them of, “I'm done, and look how cool I am!” For me, personally, (and senior photos are designed to be personal), I wanted to show that I am far from done. Though this segment of my education is complete, I'm only beginning a lifelong journey of learning and growing both intellectually and in my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Thanks for inquiring! I trust this answers your question.

Jonathan Hedrick Photography said...

Thanks for the question. The job of a photographer is to provide their clients the service they are looking for. In this case, my brother, he litereally wanted some more serious stock photography shots taken of himself. Thanks again for the question! Above is a comment from my brother answering your question in his own words.


Stacey said...

Jonathan and Josh -- great pictures! And! I'm so impressed by the maturity and depth of thought that went into your comment above. I doubt anyone has ever put so much thought and purpose into their senior pictures before. That's incredible.

It was so great to meet both of you last week! I look forward to seeing you again (hopefully before too long!). :-)

Hannah Michelle said...

These are wonderful! I love the thoughtful earnestness that comes though, and after reading Josh's comments I like them even more. My faves are the first two, the stair shot, and the last one. =)

Jansen Reighard said...

This is so old, yet i just found it. I like those pics of you Josh! miss you guys! These pics remind me so much of you guys! I have only met you guys twice, but still......I mean, at least I have you on skype.