Film Internship


Hanging out in Hotel lobby

Director of Photography setting up for shot

Night scene

Here are some pictures of our chefs


Interior scene set up

Tearing up cardboard protecting the floors

Makeup room on a set

Jefferson city shooting location

Last minute touchups before a shot

Reviewing the script

Discussing and blocking shots

Treasure Box = Lenses

Filming below the Treehouse

Interns and crew members who stayed at the bunkhouse


Kaitlyn said...

I hope you guys have an awesome time!! I will enjoy the updates!!


John-Clay said...

Great pictures Jon!! Good memories :)

Joe said...

Awesome photos! Brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks for posting!

Joshua Hoppman said...

Love the picts!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are great photos, very well done. Thanks for the memories! Mary Moreland

Anonymous said...

Great pictures... Looks like it was great fellowship and an awesome learning experience...