Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I had the opportunity to photograph a basketball team this winter, so below is one of the players from the team. Since I’m only posting one picture, I thought I would tell you how I edited the picture. As you can see, in this picture, there is plenty of backlight; however, with all that backlight, there needs to be some front light on the subject (to bring out the face). I didn’t want to “blow-out” the team players faces with my flash (I don’t like direct flash…), but obviously if you don’t throw some light the subject is going to be REAL dark (unless you just crank up your ISO and not even use the flash, then your subject should brighten up a bit). Increasing ISO (and not using a flash) would brighten up your subject and turn your background almost completely white. That’s probably not the look to go for (in this particular situation). So, I did use my flash, but I turned the flash back and toward the ceiling; therefore, bouncing a softer light onto the subject to give me enough light to work with in editing the picture. The pictures were mostly edited in camera raw and then final touches were done in Photoshop. I adjusted the temperature of the picture, the exposure (I also adjusted exposure in isolated areas on all the team players to brighten the floor and the players themselves), and the contrast of the image all in camera raw. To finish up, I opened all the pictures in Photoshop to make some final adjustments and create the final .jpg image. So, that’s a quick run-down of how I edited this particular picture (and the rest of the team). Hope you all enjoyed!


Teresa Woodrum said...

I like this photo. Thank you so much!!! You did a great job and all the parents were very pleased with their pictures. Keep up the good work.
Ms. Teresa

Jonathan Hedrick Photography said...

Thanks again for the opportunity! Glad you like the picture.